S.O.U.L.J.A.’s Ministry

S.O.U.L.J.A. means “Steppin’ out united and loving Jesus always!” The Progressive S.O.U.L.J.A.’s is a young adult ministry that serves the age groups of 18-35. The purpose of this ministry is to provide a safe space for young adults to come worship, fellowship, and learn more about the word of God. Through this ministry, you will have the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the bible and how you can apply the word of God when dealing with relationships, school, work, or any other challenging situations that life may bring. S.O.U.L.J.A.’s is also involved with Praise and Worship on Sunday service as well as fundraising, outreach, and community service.

So come join the ranks and serve for the Lord! Young Adult Bible study will resume after Spring Break April 1st 2016, every Friday night from 7:00pm – 8:30pm in the Progressive fellowship hall.

Food and refreshments are also provided after bible study so come out and worship with the S.O.U.L.J.A.’s!

Cooking with SOULJAS at PMBC

More cooking with SOULJAS at PMBC

Cooked with SOULJAS at PMBC

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